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Why Internet Marketing?

Why Internet Marketing?

Nowadays, if you want to get new consumers, enlarge your business or grow your status, internet is one of the best place to be, and many intelligent marketers and industrialists today know that. Internet Marketing offers a platform from which to market your business to the world accurately.

By utilizing the power of online SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Blogging, Article Marketing, Link Building and PPC (Pay per Click), you can significantly increase your company’s exposure within the marketplace.
Here is the list of mind-blowing internet numbers for 2010. 

Email in 2010
107 trillion – Number of emails sent on the Internet.
294 billion – Average emails per day.
1.88 billion – Number of email users throughout the world.
480 million – New email users compared to last year.
89.1% – Share of spam emails.
262 billion – Spam emails per day (assuming 89% are spam).
2.9 billion – Email accounts worldwide.
25% – Email accounts are corporate.

255 million – Websites as of December 2010.
21.4 million – Added websites in 2010.

Internet users
1.97 billion – Internet users worldwide in June 2010.
14% – Increase in Internet users compared to last year.
825.1 million – Internet users in Asia.
475.1 million – Internet users in Europe.
266.2 million – Internet users in North America.
204.7 million – Internet users in Latin America – Caribbean.
110.9 million – Internet users in Africa.
63.2 million – Internet users in the Middle East.
21.3 million – Internet users in Oceania – Australia.

Social media
152 million – Blogs on the Internet.
25 billion – Tweets on Twitter in 2010
100 million – New accounts on Twitter in 2010
175 million – People on Twitter as of September 2010
7.7 million – People following @ladygaga – Twitter’s most followed
600 million – People on Facebook at the end of 2010.
250 million – New people on Facebook in 2010.
30 billion – Contents (links, notes, photos) shared on FB per month.
70% – Facebook’s users located outside United States.
20 million – Facebook apps installed each day.

2 billion – Videos watched per day on YouTube.
35 – Hours of video uploaded on YouTube each minute.
186 – Videos one Internet user watches per month (USA) average.
84% – Internet users that watch videos online (USA).
14% – Internet users that have uploaded videos online (USA).
2+ billion – Videos watched per month on Facebook.
20 million – Videos uploaded on Facebook per month.

So are you still thinking there is no need to get your company promoted online? 
The one cool thing about internet marketing is that it offers many ways through which you can cooperate with consumers and prospective customers. Once upon a time if someone wanted to speak to you, they had to pick up the phone. But now they can send a tweet, post on Facebook, comment on your blog or use one of the many internet forums.

There are many ways you can enhance your online reputation, but here are some of the major aspects.
  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Meta Tag Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • Article Marketing
    • Link Building
  2. SMO (Social Media Optimization)
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Blogging
  3. PPC (Pay per Click)

Why are we telling you this?
Internet marketing is a phrase that is thrown almost by many people without understanding what it really involves.
The achievement behind online products or services depends on convenience of website through different search engines. A 70% of traffic to your website is generated by search engines. To get success in online business, a planned and well executed internet promotion approach is a must.

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