What is a blog? Basically, the word "blog" originated from "weblog" or "web log." Blogs began in 1997, and originated from different forms of online diaries that people were starting to keep.

It also became popular around the same time that forums, threads, discussion websites did. Tools began to come out that enabled people to keep a blog, and blog hosting services began as well as blog software.

Today, the blog is something that a business, individual, or anyone using the web can maintain for free. Places like WordPress and Blogger are great sites to host your own blog on. You can link to it from a site and post to it any time you like.

How does a blog work? A blog has a unique way of displaying content, in that is shows up all your latest posts right at the top of the page, and older posts further down at the bottom.

Most people started out using it as an online diary or journal, but since then many people have used it to showcase their expertise about various topics like gardening, stock trading and cooking, just to name a few.

The beauty of a blog as a publishing tool is that you always see the newest content first, which is convenient for new and repeat visitors alike.

Why should I get blogging services? In recent years, businesses have discovered the huge value that a blog can bring them. Each blog article posted on a website is "fresh content" to Google and a means to wrap content around a keyword - meaning high ranks in Google and much more visibility and web presence.

Rather than writing each blog themselves, a business owner can turn over this work to blogging services that will do a post per day for a stated fee. The advantages to having a blog for your business and online website can result in success.

WordPress is the most popular blogging content marketing system in the market. The code behind WordPress is very concise and simple, that makes it loved by search engines. Themes and look of the WordPress can be 100% customized and you can create multiple user profiles on your blog.

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