Search Engine Optimization

It is an internet marketing approach in which your website is optimized for ranking high in search engine result pages (SERPs) for certain search queries (keywords) to acquire higher amount of quality traffic from search engines especially Google.

What is organic SEO?
SEO is considered as organic when your website is optimized to rank in organic results of SERPs. Website traffic in such approach is acquired by optimizing website pages (webpages) for specific targeted keywords. Website optimized for wrong or vague keywords may lead you to campaign failure. Hence keywords research plays a significant roll in this process.

Check out this video for basic understanding of SEO and how search engine works:

What is targeted audience?
People who are actually looking for products/services/information online are considered as targeted users, and your targeted users may differ with respect to your services or products. Providing or sharing content that helps your targeted users by answering their questions or clearing their doubts should be the content approach in your SEO campaign.

According to Google, "Every day Google answers more than one billion questions from people around the globe in 181 countries and 146 languages. 15% of the searches we see everyday we’ve never seen before.", therefore SEO for targeted users helps you in getting higher conversion ratio out of your mass traffic.

SEO as an internet marketing approach
SEO is considered the primary internet marketing approach in most of the internet marketing campaigns. SEO can be considered as affordable marketing approach if you compare it with conventional marketing. It take a lot of efforts and some funds, which is precisely a worthwhile investment as it helps you in achieving your business goals.

Now a days, your website can't acquire top search ranks and high traffic without a proper search engine optimization approach, if you are not ranking on first few SERPs, then how will you catch the eyeballs of visitors searching for you. For example, if you are searching for anything on Google, you wouldn't spend much time to go deeper into the SERPs. Would you? Of course not. People always look for getting answers as quick as possible, that's why a proper internet marketing approach is must in order to accomplish your business objective.

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