Saturday, December 03, 2011

Keyword and Key Phrases in Link Anchor

The search engine ranking of our website is very much determined by the amount as well as quality of other websites those link to our website and also the anchor text of that link. Where our website has obtained links from authority websites with the same niche or theme, these kinds of backlinks are viewed as a vote for our website and thus help to raise our website's search engine ranking. Search engines use anchor text to figure out exactly what the linked page is about.

For example, where a website has numerous links from other websites and web directories and the anchor text is “SEO Vadodara” - this will certainly support in boosting the search engine ranking for that particular term in the search engines result pages (SERPs).

Link Anchor Text Variation Guidelines

It is sensible to think if links are naturally obtained from other websites that they link to your site with various keyword terms (anchor texts). Search engines wants to see link anchor variations as they helps in order to indicate that a website’s backlinks are natural and definitely not added artificially as part of SEO process. For this particular cause, whenever building backlinks for our website it is essential to vary the snippet and anchor text.

Picking Key Phrases for Backlink Anchor Text

This equally makes sense to utilize a couple of related key phrases inside our back links with our business name to enhance search engine visibility for keywords related to our business. Naturally, no one would certainly search for “Kshitij Maurya” when seeking for an SEO Consultant.
It is important for any website's search engine marketing strategy to pick the right keywords or key phrases. It really makes sense in order to do comprehensive keyword research when choosing keywords or key phrases for your backlinks for the reason that most widely used or most popular keywords definitely will be the toughest to get ranked for, especially for fresh websites. The best keyword or key phrase research tool is the Google Adwords keyword tool (
When picking the best keywords or key phrases for our website, try to choose phrases those are very much appropriate for our business - especially terminologies which folks would exclusively use whenever looking for our services or purchase our merchandise. Choose keywords or key phrases which usually are not most popular, but even still offer us beneficial search volumes or visitors.
We could also desire to think about geographical targets for our business, for example “SEO consultant Vadodara" will be easier to get top 10 ranking than just “SEO consultant” and will still provide substantial search volumes. Right after selecting the very best keywords and key phrases for our backlinks or inbound links, try to utilize these key phrases and keywords while placing listings within directories as well as on niche websites. Do not forget to vary the key phrases using variety of keywords used to present natural weight age to your backlinks.

Reciprocal Links or Two way Links

Benefits of obtained backlinks are generally negated by reciprocation. Quite simply, if website A links to website B and website B links back to website A, search engines such as Google look at it as simply a “link trade”. This kind of “Reciprocal links” have less value and provide less search engine ranking enhancement, particularly in Google.
Regardless, incorporating some reciprocal (two way links) within a larger SEO campaign is a positive thing, especially where back links are acquired through authority websites. Nonetheless, incorporating lots of reciprocal links at the cost of getting quality one way backlinks can result in sudden reduction in Google SERPs, especially when the link anchor text used are not varied.

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