Sunday, November 27, 2011

Readable Content for Quality Internet Marketing

We talked about content quality for link building in last post. I am going to present more about content quality and content presentation in this post.

How to make your voice heard on the web?
Obviously it is never ever easy. The solution is keeping the right balance between SEO-friendly content and readability. It is important to make sure the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.)spiders - as well as readers - could find your website or blog. Understanding a few techniques may help you increase their search rankings, without compromising with your specialist writing or expert knowledge.

Pick Your Keywords
Keywords are the most essential factor of SEO , thus think about keywords just before you actually start your writing. This may be difficult utilizing keywords later on without appearing awkward and forced.
Brainstorm words and phrases you actually believe people are searching for, and make use of reliable resources such as Google AdWords in order to help choose the very best. Think about exactly how much competition there is actually for each keyword or phrase. Rather than catch-all keywords such as “travel agency” think about much more specific phrases, like “Goa travel specialist”, to promote your specific area of expertise.

Spot Keywords Very Carefully
Search engines don’t just analyze which phrases you use, although where you place them. Obtaining key phrases inside the title and even inside the first sentence can be certainly a beneficial begining. So many newspapers modify their own large headlines to more SEO-friendly variations upon their websites.

You will need to discover the proper keyword density - keyword stuffing can be penalized by search engines, as well as no more readers! Never forget to place your keywords, such as meta tags and image alt and title.

Use Free Tools (Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Wordpress, Blogger etc.)
Take benefit of totally free tools, such as Google Analytics that can examine where your website visitors comes from and in which aspects you need more improvements. For bloggers, WordPress has several plug-ins which may help you select the best article title and key phrases, avoid copy content and make the most use of meta-tags.

Become Expert on Your Topic
Suppose users are searching for “Goa travel tips” or “Diu travel agency”. If you have got many posts on the same subject, therefore search engines will believe you understand what you are talking about. Picking a specific subject of expertise should help you get on the top of search results.

Make Use of Links Properly
It is not just what you write that matters. Making smart use of links should help your site in rising the search engine rankings - including links from one to another pages of your website. Whenever other page has got relevant information or you have posted a similar post in the past then add a link.

Follow the Search Engine Guidelines
SEO approaches are usually referred as White hat and Black hat. Search engines regard White Hat approach as genuine ways to optimize any website by following search engine guidelines and support users to find the information they actually need. Black Hat approach refer to practices like using hidden text, cloaking (having separate versions of websites to deceive search engines) etc. They may perform for the short term, but will definitely lead to blocking your site by search engines - an unauthenticated approach!

Make it Easy to Read
And on the same theme, make sure your writing is easy on the eye. Break up sections of text into subcategories, and use images properly. Lists could possibly be a great idea - and a strategy to repeat key phrases without readers realizing! Make use of short sentences and keep lots of white space.

Post for Your Audience
Content is king may be a cliche, but it is fundamentally true. SEO tactics may snap up visitors, though appealing writing retains them there. Do not let your content get so packed with keywords and phrases that your main goal get lost. Presenting a valuable information or making a vibrant, informative blog is actually the greatest approach to continue to keep readers arriving back again to your website. Think about your audience. Will be they interested enough to read a long descriptive content? Or do they really just need the basic facts as quickly and in breif as possible?

I hope you keep this things in your mind while writing the content for your website or blog. Keep following my blog and explore more interesting SEO and internet marketing facts.

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