Saturday, December 10, 2011

Facebook from SEO Point of View

Last year, Google and Bing both declared that they consider social media signals from social media like Facebook and Twitter within their search engines algorithms. As the importance of social media in SEO is increasing and rising quite naturally, social media will definitely gain significance for SEO. As Google revealed it, social media is all about relationships and relationships demonstrate relevance and relevance is located at their core of organic search results.
Everybody knows these day, that Facebook has got 800 million active users and 50% users are busy on Facebook every day. All these figures really are incredible! And I guarantee everyone that your potential clients and potential customers are actually within these figures. They are simply on Facebook plus they are probably seeking to connect with your brand. If any of you don’t yet have got a Facebook Page for your business you really need to think about optimizing your Facebook reputation.
Let us discuss some SEO good reasons exactly why a business requires a Facebook presence:
Google and Bing both crawl and even index Facebook Pages as they are publicly published. Subsequently, Facebook Pages certainly comes up within the organic search engine results pages (SERPs).
Google announced a month ago that they now crawl and also index Facebook Comments as they are public too.
Folks has started searching their particular queries in the Facebook search box. Check and see, Are your brand comes up when you search for it in Facebook?
Generally your target audience is hanging out there. So the “Like” button will be the new backlinks. The more likes your Facebook Page have the more possibilities of increasing search engine rankings.
SEO is being about web presence now and Facebook is necessary for any web presence. The people who like your Facebook page are the new lead or prospects. Your Facebook page provides quality backlinks to your official website.
Facebook is also easily accessible on mobile phones that can give your prospects and clients quick access to your content and updates.
You must enhance your Facebook presence because most probably your competitors also have a Facebook presence.
SEO and other digital marketing like Facebook optimization (or social media optimization) tactic will constantly get evolved, because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing keep changing their particular search engine algorithms. Surprisingly, in around last 11 to 12 moths Google made approximate 400 to 500 adjustments in their search algorithm. As the importance of social media in SEO is increasing and rising quite naturally, we can consider on one thing in our mind - that search engines will continue to fine-tune their search engine algorithm to contain more concentration on social signals coming from Facebook and also Twitter and Google +1.
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