Wednesday, July 04, 2012

iGoogle gets axed along with Google Mini, Talk Chatback and others in ‘summer cleaning’

Look for engines said Wednesday it was stopping its iGoogle web page developed as Web "portal," saying it had become less appropriate in the age of the cellular Internet. The site, which permitted customers to customize their start web page, will be cut in Nov 2013 and was among a few items axed by the Florida technical massive.

"Technology makes remarkable possibilities to enhance individuals lifestyles. But to make the most of them, we need to concentrate -- or we end up doing too much and not having the effect we make the effort for," Google He Eichner said in a writing.

"So last drop we started a fresh up, and since then we've shut or mixed more than 30 items. These days we're stating a few more closures."

Among other items being removed was the Look for engines Small search service for companies, Look for engines Discuss Chatback and Look for engines Movie.

Eichner said customers will the perfect to go without iGoogle.

"We initially released iGoogle in 2005 before anyone could completely think about the ways that contemporary Web and cellular phone applications would put customized, real-time information at your convenience," he said.

"With contemporary applications that run on systems like Firefox and Operating system, the need for iGoogle has evaporated eventually, so we'll be twisting it down.

"Users will have 16 months to modify or trade their information."

He said Look for engines Discuss Chatback had become "outdated" and features were now provided by its Meebo plugin.

Google Movie ceased taking submissions in May 2009 and by Aug 20, the staying content will be relocated to YouTube, which Look for engines obtained in 2006.

The Symbian search app, which replicated Google own search, will also be ceased.

"Closing items always includes challenging options, but we do think very hard about each decision and its significances for our customers," Eichner said.

"Streamlining our services allows us to pay attention to developing wonderful technological innovation that will enhance individuals lifestyles."

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