Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Apple Says No to Youtube

Apple announced there will be no more Youtube application included in upcoming versions of iPad and iPhone, as the escalating competition between two tech giants Google and Apple gets tougher.

Apple was including Youtube as a core application in their iPhone from the beginning. But as Google launched their android OS for mobile devices to counter apple’s iPhone, now Apple Inc. has decided to take such decision which will make both companies relations more frayed.

Apple has planned for Apple Maps to compete with Google Maps and it will be launched in upcoming iOS release. Folks will see these changes later this year when new iOS 6 will roll out. There won’t be preinstalled Youtube application, but Apple has few interesting stuff for their consumers like Apple maps and so many others.

Before this, Apple Inc. has already sued Google’s Android device partner Samsung Electronics Co. for $2.5 Billion in federal court California, USA for disrupting patents of mobile device technologies and designs, and counter-sued by the Samsung Electronics and Samsung will present claims on Apple for disrupting patents of mobile device technology and standards.

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