Thursday, August 09, 2012

Online Google Maps for Offline People

Google Maps are now going to merge online and offline worlds as they have planned for offline maps on Android handsets, and given folks another good reason to pick an Android handset instead of picking an iPhone.

Google is dominating online world with best of their abilities at providing quality searches results, but as most of the people don’t always live in online world though it’s important to have those important information when you are offline, and Google has taken a step forward by merging online and offline Google Maps to this cause.

Google has launched Map Maker tool in India back in 2008 to collect, correct, update and enhance the data of local insights and expertise, and they have been successful in getting such local information by running Map Maker tool in more than 200 countries.

Brian McClendon the vice President Google Map and Earth has stated to AFP.  "We want to be able to provide a map wherever you are going; a way to have the best answers for what is within walking distance and transmit them in a fast, interactive way."

Google’s Map Maker tool allows people to update their local features and expertise on Google Maps and such updates goes live in minutes as they are trusted and got verified, and spread all across the world wherever people use Google Maps.

People now days prefer online mapping service as they trust the information that is provided is reliable and Google realizes it very well, and smart phone features such as positioning sense can play a major role in local business advertisements or promotions on the way.

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